As a retired police officer, I know the importance of providing a safe atmosphere for all citizens whether they are at home, work or at school. I supported a program in West Melbourne where the Brevard County Sheriff, Wayne Ivey, provided security to our schools. Since this was a success, I would work the Sheriff to come up with a process to implement that program county wide.


Flood Risk Reduction is a major concern for our homeowners and businesses in District 3. The skyrocketing insurance costs will continue with storm losses across the state. I will work to mitigate those losses in our district with proactive measures to properly fund and maintain those efforts. Flooding losses affect insurance premiums by area, not single locations.


Recently the Commission raised Fire Services Fees by 29%. I went before the Commission and argued that the taxation process was not proper and that the burden of those fees put the City of West Melbourne in a “Donor” role to the County. I would work to restructure the fees to drive to make the taxation more equitable while providing the funding for fire infrastructure

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